Bi-Polar Bitch – Interview with WZRD 88.3fm

Violet and Diane Hamm
Violet (center) and Diane Hamm (left and right)

Several weeks ago, VIOLET and Diane Hamm, two stars in Kelly Anchors’ new hit Bipolar Bitch, sat down with WZRD 88.3’s wizard to chat about the show, which was then yet to open. Since, Bipolar Bitch has virtually sold out the four shows performed so far at PROP THTR, and has been one of the most successful shows at RHINOFEST, Chicago’s longest-running fringe festival, now celebrating its 30th year.

Bipolar Bitches
Clockwise from center: VIOLET, Kelly, Robert Puig, Diane.

Listen here to the in-depth discussion with the Wizard about the show, which utilizes the bipolar experience of Kelly and all her castmates in a remarkable celebration of mania. Star/composer VIOLET, and Choreographer/costume designer Diane Hamm discuss Jungian archetypes, the Bipolar experience, and different facets of this amazing show, which also stars Paul Brennan, Jillian Erickson, Larry Hart, Robert Puig, with set designed by Rick Paul, tech designed by Marlana Carlson, and wigs designed by Keith Ryan.

Larry Hart as CG Jung.

Bipolar Bitch runs two more Saturdays at 10:30pm PROP THTR, 3502 N. Elston Ave 60618. As part of Rhinofest. See more info on the Rhinofest page. And you can directly buy tickets here.

And listen to WZRD Chicago online streaming here. You can listen to our own Wizard every Tuesday from 3-5.

Photos by Larry Hart.