Bipolar Beauty- talking with Violet.

Kelly and Violet discuss Bipolar Beauty! See it at the Charnel House on Saturdays at 9 and listen to the new podcast HERE!

Bipolar Bitch- An interview with VIOLET and Diane Hamm.

For those unaware of Kelly’s new stage hit, Bipolar Bitch, here’s an interview with two members of the cast, star/composer VIOLET and choreographer/co-creator Diane Hamm. TWO MORE CHANCES TO SEE THIS SHOW! LISTEN HERE!

Violet and Diane Hamm

KellyAnn’s piece Diver and a sneak peek about her new production. Check it out!


An interview around the campfire about living with mentally ill family. Click here for Nick


An amazing interview about mental illness and music Click Here for Dan Atwell


Click here for Episode 9: Debbie

The Break continues! Listen here to Part II of Kelly’s The Descent

Art By Donkeysworld@steemit

KellyAnn, writer and interviewee in Episode 7: Drowning

Mothers — A Long Line of Bipolar from Episode 2: Gen. Two

Edouard on the drums from Edouard Stinson deKoven Root

Kelly and Mike // Max and Charlie from The Entrance

Kelly Anchors from Intro Ep. 1

Click here for more from Kelly’s collections

Margot Kidder ’78 from Margo Goodbye from Ep.2